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Fall & Spring Semester at Snug Harbor 15-week semesters in fall and spring


Level One* 

Ages 3-5,Tuesdays 3:45 

Dramatic improvisation and ballet technique to foster a unique creative learning experience.


Level Two*

Ages 5-6, Thursdays 3:45

Technique advancement while maintaining the whimsical storytelling

component of the learning experience.


Level Three

Ages 6-7, Tuesdays 4:30

Introduction to learning ballet technique in greater depth.


Level Four

Ages 8-9, Thursdays 4:30

Exploration of ballet technique with introduction to barre, strengthening work, combinations to create original dances. 


Level Five

Thursdays 5:30, Ages 12 and up

Advanced technique and an increased focus on canon collaborations to develop choreography.


*These classes can include after-school pickup for Children's Harbor Montessori students.

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