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Ballet Imagination is looking for skilled dance instructors to teach both child and adult classes. To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to

Photograph by Noel Sutherland

About Us


Ballet Imagination provides an

opportunity for students of all levels to explore

dance through improvisation, storytelling, and technique.

Our approach fosters a truly unique, whimsical, and creative learning experience.

We build confidence and develop

skills in our students that stretch beyond ballet.

Classes are conducted at Snug Harbor for ages 3 and up.

Photograph by Noel Sutherland




BEGINNER - Ages 3 & up


ADVANCED - ages 12+




Ballet Imagination was created out of love by Leah Mitchell (1965-2019). 


Calling upon her own 25+ years teaching ballet, Leah initiated a

children's class on Staten Island to further her children's dance studies.

The word spread. Ballet Imagination would soon be recognized by the community as exceptional dance instruction with high levels

of fun and integrity.


 Leah's approach focused on student growth in skill, poise and maturity.

End-of-year presentations gave parents an opportunity to see their children's advancement in a typical class setting. This was a welcome alternative to extravagant performances that are cost-prohibitive for many parents and antithetical to a ballet learning environment. 

This remains part of our ethos today. 


Leah, an accomplished dancer, composer and performer, will be honored with

Snug Harbor's Artist Award at the 2020 Neptune Ball.

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Photograph by Noel Sutherland